Power Generation

Renting a generator is a wise step whenever you're looking for a reliable short term and long-term projects needs. Our comprehensive range of construction equipment rental offerings puts power at your fingertips. From an array of portable generator rental options to versatile mobile generator sets, we've got you covered. Whether it's planned shutdowns, backup power, or unforeseen emergencies, you'll discover the perfect fit in terms of size, options, and reliability. No matter the scale, be it homes, businesses, jobsites, or municipalities, we're here to meet your power needs with unmatched expertise. Ideal for remote jobsites or areas without access to grid power, generators ensure electricity is readily available. Additionally, we serve as dependable standby power sources, safeguarding against unexpected outages.

Our commitment extends to helping you select the right generator, tailored to your operational needs and budget. Collaboratively, we'll craft an affordable daily, weekly, monthly, or extended-term rental agreement. Moreover, we provide system configuration support, ensuring optimal performance. And rest assured, maintenance and repairs are part of our service, so you can focus on your work without any concern.

Empower your projects with the right power solution. At Next Equipment Rentals, we offer not just equipment, but a seamless source of confidence to tackle any power requirement that comes your way.

  • From 30kVA To 1MW