Material Handling

Renting material handling equipment presents a timely and cost-effective solution, ideal for short term and long- term projects or preparing for peak seasons. Effortlessly handle heavy and bulky items with our specialized material handling equipment. These agile and highly efficient machines can be found in warehouses, loading docks, construction sites, and other locales where quick and efficient movement of goods is essential. With an array of options tailored to diverse needs – from warehouse operations to landfill management and jobsites – we have the tools you require to excel.

Additionally, it offers access to the latest technological advancements. Our rentals consist predominantly of late- model units designed to enhance your efficiency. Moreover, renting allows you to evaluate a piece of equipment before committing to a long-term purchase.

Next Equipment Rentals simplifies your exploration of material handling equipment rental options, aiding you in making informed decisions for your business. We provide flexible rental arrangements to short term and long- term projects tailored to your needs, along with comprehensive maintenance and repair services, alleviating concerns.

Explore our material handling equipment rentals:

Forklifts: Opt for a straight mast forklift when navigating rugged or uneven terrains. With its upright vertical assembly, this machine ensures excellent stability during load movement.

Equip your operations with the best material handling solutions through Next Equipment Rentals. We're your partners in productivity, ensuring seamless equipment support for your ventures.

  • Diesel 3 Ton To 16 Ton
  • Electric 1.5 Ton To 3 Ton